Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Quiet Comfort

Quiet Comfort

She sat by the fireplace
Reading Fifty Shades
Heart pounding, pulse racing
Wishing he was there
To take her in his arms

He walks in the door
Stressed by his work day
Kicks off his shoes
Pets the dog as he walks by
Sees her sleeping on the couch

She stirs in her sleep
As the door opens up
The scent of his cologne
Wafts across her senses
She whispers his name.

He smiles at her quietly
Reaches out a hand
Removes the book from her grasp
Strokes a finger along her jaw
He whispers her name

Gathering her up in his arms
He carries her to bed
Lays her gently down
Pulling the covers up to her chin
Then lays down beside her.

Its not always passion and sparks
But a quiet kind of comfort
That makes them both feel safe
Knowing that they’ll always
Have each other to hold.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Well, I'm excited to inform everyone that the month of November has been very productive. We finally finished compiling the Earth Day 2013 poetry book from the submissions to the April 2013 poetry contest. This is now available online at and at Black Bond books in Haney Place Mall in Maple Ridge.

We organized and hosted the 3rd Annual Honouring Our Veterans poetry contest. This book was completed and is currently undergoing final review. It should be available online within three days at Copies will also be available directly from Joe Robinsmith and also at Black Bond books in Haney Place mall in Maple Ridge.

And finally, my second book of original poetry has finally been compiled and is also undergoing review. This one is titled: Forever Is A Long Time. The dedication is to the love of my life, my partner for the last eight years, the woman who has never given up on our love. I've run, I've fooled around, I've done everything a man should never put a partner through. I've hurt her more than I ever would have dreamed of doing. And I have grovelled and begged her to take me back this last time. Because I realized that I could not live without her. She's my everything. Just as my love for my two children and her youngest will always be special and uncompromising, so too is the love I have for Shannon. All of the people I have met in my life, nothing compares to you. Love you babe, always and forever. All three of the books will be available online on by November 19th. All three of the books will be available at Black Bond Books within three weeks.

 Keep writing, keep reading and keep smiling.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mind Games

Mind Games

The mind will play games
They try to explain
With answers sublime
Wasting away with time
Drowning pain with wine
Striving not to cross lines
No matter how down
Can’t show the deep frown
That covers our soul
Facing fears unknown

The mind will play games
Our soul we regain
One step at a time
We try to define
That feeling of self.
Imagine the gulf
We’re trying to cross
The self getting lost
With others concerns
We try to unlearn.

The mind will play games
Its been fully trained
We learn from the start
Restrain our remarks
Hold everything in
Don’t ever say when
Your heart feels broken
Your soul’s getting thin.
Especially men
Are told to refrain.

The mind will play games
We cannot be lame
The time is right now
It’s time to allow
A new kind of truth
Let’s not be uncouth
No time to restrain
Revolution now
Your soul will be wowed.

With Aquarius rising!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Such an Ass

Walking behind you
I like to gaze upon
The jeans that you wear
For nestled inside
Is a most delightful sight
Two beautiful round
Globes of pleasure
I'd like to nibble and kiss
But I'm afraid you would say
Kiss my behind
To which I'd reply
Exactly my dearest
That's my greatest desire
And you would blush
That sweetest of pinks
While I simply grin
With a touch of chagrin

Title: Such an Ass

Queen of Summer

Everybody wants you
I want you too
Everyone needs you
I need you more

Princess of spring
Follow me home
Become the queen
Of my summer nights

I get lost in a daze
While into your eyes I gaze
My mind becomes blank
My heart it gives thanks

Queen of my nights
Take me into your arms
Make me your loving knight
To defend thee this Fall

The touch of your fingers
On my brow as they linger
Causes a deepening sigh
To escape from my lips

I've lost all control
I'm begging you please
My princess, my queen
Keep me warm through winter

The smile on your face
When I enter a room
Touches my soul
And fills me with joy

Title: Queen of Summer

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To Be Us Again

To Be Us Again

The door was closing
And I said to you
You think it’s so easy
Trying to be me
What do you know
What it’s really like
To be me, to be me
All I want to know
Really need to know
All I really want
Really really need
Is to be sure of us
That you want me
And only me, only me
And I call your name
Say your name out loud
Makes me want to scream
Makes me want to cry
Because you don’t see
What you mean to me
And I run away
Run so far away
But your memory
Chases after me
And I fall down
Onto my knees
And I feel your arms
Surrounding me
But I wake up
And it’s all a dream
All a dream.
And I cry out loud
With tears falling down
Then you’re really there
Your hands reaching out
You lift me up
Off of my knees
Then you’re hugging me
And it’s okay again
Because of you
Because of me
We are whole again
Together again
You say my name
With that loving voice
And I know you know.
What it’s like
To be all alone
Feel so alone
When you needed me
And I wasn’t there
So I hold you close
Tell you I love you so
That I’ll never leave
Ever ever leave
Because we were meant
To be together
And you get me
I get you, get you
Like no other can.
There is no touch
Like the touch
Of a lover and a friend.
And I say thank you
To the Universe
For bringing you back
To my heart, my heart
And baby I swear
That you will always know
How much you mean to me.