Monday, February 18, 2013

Dark Beast at the Door

He lays there on the couch with the TV on
Barely moves at the sound of static
As the station ends for the night
Turns over and closes his eyes
It can't be true that it's over again
The same way, the same way once more
Life used to be so simple
Nothing ever seems that way these days
Seems the world keeps spinning faster
And his life has become a living hell
No way to escape the pain he's caused
There's no end to the daily fear of being alone
The text messages fly back and forth
But it's only a repeat of what's happened
No answers, no questions
Just a barrage of anger and hate
What happened to the love he wonders
How did it end so out of control
When he's only ever wanted to show
He's not the one man she thought
A pale shadow, poor excuse
The words spill onto the screen
But he turns it off before hitting send
And turns again on the couch
Shifting his sorrow and tears
Finding no solace now in being alone
The space that he had needed
Seems like no reason at all
For there is no escape from the one
The one who is always there
Laughing at him, jeering and poking
The voice in his head that's constant
Taunting and stating with finality
You'll never be anything
You're such a loser
And he shifts as he remembers
The first twenty years of hell
Followed by another twenty
He made choices to stay,
He hadn't been forced
And now that he's found hell
There's no escape, there's no escape
Tormented by dreams of the past
Tortured by visions of being alone
He wishes he had the strength to decide
Instead he gets up and heads off to work.
He can fake it again to get through the day
A pasted on smile, the laughter is forced
There's no answer to be found
Just a dollar to make
To feed his two children
And make ends meet
So that he can find solace
In a blank TV screen
Wishing he'd made other decisions
As he'd moved through his life
No answers are there
Not even the voice of derision
Can answer him how
The end of the life
He thought he had planned
Could come so easily unglued
And make living so hard.
There's no light, there's no sun
There's only darkness surrounding
And it closes in a little more
With each passing hour.
Feeling the breath of the beast
As it draws ever closer
Will this be the night
When it's jaws close
And he finds peace in the silence
Until the fear wakes him again
The beast is still there.
Too soon they'll all realize
That the future they await
Is only the vision of another
To dream of sun filled days
Is only a dream
There's only darkness
We are always alone.

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  1. We are only alone if we allow ourselves to be... Awesome poem though, brought out a lot of feelings in me.