Tuesday, February 5, 2013


There are no castles
Except those built of sand
And like those sand castles
Washed away by the tide
So too has the love they shared
Held together by two tiny hands
Reaching out and holding on
To Daddy's hand to the left
And Momma's hand right
Those little fingers grasping
Are the tenuous filament
That hold two hearts close
Torn asunder by so many wrongs
Those imagined and those real

Like a castle in the clouds
Blown away by the wind
So too have those feelings
He felt for her
And she once felt for him
Tiny feet pitter patter
Running from Momma then back
To be by Daddy's side
Little giggles and laughter
Fills the house and can't help
But fill those broken hearts
With joy for life so fresh
That baby girl manages to heal
The tiny cracks threatening
To tear their lives asunder

The castles they built within
Complete with moats
And walls of stone
Fall stone by stone
With tender words
And heartfelt glances
He remembered the times
She met him after work
She sees his loving glance
Thinks about that first kiss
The little heart they created
Lays beating weakly
Tubes and wires connecte
Now it is their fingers grapsing
Those tenuous filaments
Keeping that wee soul close
Begging Himfor one more chance
To keep their love alive

And now the castles they build
Is one of promises
The love they share again
Is full of pride as they watch
Their little one walk
Down the aisle of that beautiful church
To start a journey of love
With her true love
To build their own castles
Not of sand, nor of clouds
But full of love's promise.

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  1. This is one of my favorites, hands down fantastic! So beautiful Joe! Hugs!