Thursday, October 11, 2012

Soul Survivors

Soul Survivors

He walks the corridors of boredom
Lonely and lost in his soul reflection
The grey that surrounds him
Absorbs and denies him life
What will it take to release him.

She looks out a hole in the window
To frightened of the outside
Will not venture past the doorway
Into the flow of detritus
That is today’s reality.

A boy walks to school by himself
Six years old entering grade one
Mama is passed out on the couch
Daddy has been gone for a year
Too young in years, too old in soul.

A teenage girl pushes her glasses up
Looks around self consciously
A lock of hair falls across her face
No one is looking and she sighs
Will today be the day he notices

So caught up in the every day
They all lose sight of the goal
Trying to turn each days ventures
Into a conquering of fears
Their souls all striving for answers.

Where does it go, who knows
Why is it so hard for some
Where do we end up and why
How can we all be so alone
When surrounded by love.

By Joe Robinsmith – October 11, 2012

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