Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Someone's Mother

He stands on the street corner
Holding his sign in front
"Need money for food Please help"
The drivers speed by or ignore
So many times they've heard
The scams of "those" people
Not wanting to work.
Cynicism abounds.
Will this be the day he wonders
That he comes home empty-handed
Not enough to buy milk
To go with the cereal from the food bank.
His daughter's face more gaunt
A nine year old shouldn't go hungry to bed
Each day brings a few less coins
A broken heart inside both of them
The loss of a mother and wife
Drove him to drink himself into a stupor
Unable to feel or even see straight
Yet he climbed into his truck
And took the life of another
A beautiful young mother
Just like his wife
Now with no license to drive
He's lost his job
And his self respect
Next will be the loss of his daughter
A life reduced to begging on a street corner
The loss of two mothers lays on his soul.

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