Saturday, September 1, 2012

Change Within

Change Within

The winds of time call through the soul
Time for change and rebirth
Feel the heat searing away the past
New feelings and raw emotion
Trust the light, feel the greatness
There is no time like the now to reach
For the stars above reveal your love.

The sands of fate drop slowly down
The time clock of life ticking away
Stuck in this moment of defeat
We feel helpless and beaten down
Blaming the past, searching for answers
Or looking too far ahead into the future.
Not able to grasp that now is the change.

Raindrops fall towards the earth
Looking up into the sky we're blinded
Water surrounding us from birth
Yet within it we gasp for breath
Without it we will die and wither.
From within it we are born into the air
To live within the light of the sun.

We reach toward the light with words
Spoken, sung, whispered and prayerful
O Lord we ask this in your name, we seek
The answers to so many prayers we beg
When He doesn't answer some may curse
As if He knows our hearts better than ourselves
His light will guide us forward higher than before.

August 30, 2012
Joe Robinsmith

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