Saturday, June 2, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

Picking him up at 5:35
Seeing those tears rolling down
Breaking my heart
To know he's hurting inside.
Climb on in son
We're going on home.

Rushing off to night school
Barely any time to comfort him
Wanting to turn back time
When he was a little boy
So easy to cuddle back then.
Whisper I love you and one arm hug.

Asks hesitantly if he can stay
Breaks my heart all over again.
Something I've wanted so long
Teasing me, tantalizingly close
But will it last or will my tears
Fall like raining cats and dogs.

Routine comes easy like a family
Pulled together like it used to be
But my heart feels heavy
Waiting for that other shoe to drop
Knowing that it can't last
My happiness is cage bound.

Sure enough after listening to
Some of the threats and promises
I know that the end is coming nigh
And I wish for one more day
Please let me feel his smile again
But the tears fall like cats and dogs.

And I can't hold them back,
I try to hold them in
I turn away, can't let him see
My heart is broken and I don't
Want him blaming himself
He's got enough to carry with her.

Pulling weeds in my garden
Watering the weeds with my
Salty tears as they fall
Like raining cats and dogs


  1. So beautiful, but so incredibly sad.

  2. It was a sad day. But it all will work out in the long run.