Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

What can I say
I don't have a lot of fond memories
My eyes don't fill with tears
My heart doesn't get all soft and mushy
She was a hard, mean person
Full of spite and anger
I look back and think Schizoprenia
Certainly personality disorder.

I look to the now and my kids
And they have the same thing
Was I destined to marry the same
As what I had grown up with
Why are we attracted to ones
That treat us the same way.
My son sits beside me
Unwilling to even see his own mother

I wonder at all the gushy sentiments
How come they can't all be like
Those mother's on tv
Or those of my friends
Be they near or far
Blog or hometown
Their mother's seem nice
Why couldn't mine own and my ex wife

No, my heart doesn't swell with happiness
But shrinks in fear and tension
The mere thought of trying to call
And speak to this person who gave me life
But treated me like I was less than lice
Makes my knees weak and my heart stop
For fear that I will once again
Be that scared little boy
Cowering in fear
From the next blow.

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