Sunday, February 26, 2012

When We Met

When We Met

Standing at the bus stop bench,
Waiting in the cold and rain
Hoping today he would quench,
Curiosity restrained.

She drove a black wheelchair van
His car had been a total wreck
She almost drove past that man
Standing in a cowboy hat of black

They had talked online for days
No need to wait much longer
Wondered if he was okay
If he could help make her stronger.

She pulled over, said hello
He climbed up in that van to meet
Lookin at her his heart fell
Deeply and forever at her feet.

Now looking back they both smile
At the peaks and valleys they’ve crossed
The steps they spent going miles
All the hours and days they lost.

Coffee at Tim Horton’s on that day
Visiting at his suite for tea
She wondered if he’d make a play
Did he think that she was sexy?

He was so shy and tongue tied
He’d been beaten down so long
Couldn’t find the nerve to try
He didn’t know he was wrong.

Third date in three days straight
She finally broke his heart
Told him that it was too late
Told him that they would have to part.

Writing poems and love songs
He threw caution to the winds
Opened up to show her she was wrong
He thought three roses was not a sin.

That’s the story of how we met
Six years ago on Valentine’s
Two weeks after that event
She asked him if she’d be mine.

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