Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter's Eve

And though we've only just passed winter's eve
The night that stretches forever more
Already our imagination reaches
Grasping for some sign of life
Those few extra moments of day's light
Tease the human senses with fair promise
Greedily we soak up yon Heaven's glow.

Ah what doth that long night promise
Or tis it a threat of our own demise?
For when our own day's light come to a close
And time is spent no longer wandering
The earth in physical form and nature
For then is the new spring growth and light
Like our own spiritual rebirth?

Winter's eve we beg of thee impassioned
Linger not here prolonged and blight our day
For with the dawning of new days promise
Our soul feels not just the warmth of longer days
But a renewed sense of God's love
To lead us from the wilderness of despair
And bask in the Heavenly Father's light.

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